Dirty Dozen: Tommy Hale

Tommy Hale, 2016Recorded in Wiltshire, England, with his friends from acclaimed alt-country outfits The Snakes and The Redlands Palomino Company,  Tommy’s third record as a solo artist – draws on a wealth of musical styles, from gospel-tinged soul and country duetting to delicate pop balladry and driving rock ’n’ roll, while at its centre sits its author’s unmistakable voice a multi-faceted solo performer and respected face on the Dallas music scene. Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Tommy Hale”

Dirty Dozen: Dave Luke & Chuck Micallef

Dave Luke & Chuck Micallef, Dave Luke & Chuck Micallef enjoy a musical partnership that stretches back over 20 years. Equally at home in theatres, clubs, at house concerts or on large festival stages, the duo manage to create the intimate, jovial atmosphere of a front porch picking session wherever they go. Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Dave Luke & Chuck Micallef”

Dirty Dozen: The O’s

The O's, 2016The O’s started in the summer of 2008 in Dallas, Texas having known each other through from other groups (Polyphonic Spree, Young Heart Attack, Slick 57, Rose County Fair, Hi-Fi Drowning.) Three months later, they entered the recording studio and recorded an EP which ended up being half of the first album “We Are The O’s” (2009 Idol Records) produced by Jeff Halbert (Nick Cave, St. Vincent.) (JP is John Pedigo and TY is Taylor Young) Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: The O’s”

Dirty Dozen: The Young Fables

The Young Fables, 2016Laurel Wright and Wesley Lunsford are a country/ americana duo based out of Nashville, TN. They released their debut album “TWO” in February.

Can you tell us about yourself? Where you’re from and what you’ve been up to over the past few years?

We are both, originally, from East TN. We have lived in Nashville for two years now playing out and writing as much as we can.

Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: The Young Fables”

Dirty Dozen: Underhill Rose (Molly Rose Reed)

Underhill Rose, 2016

Harmonies. Soul-touching lyrics. Eye-catching stage presence. Underhill Rose has become synonymous with beautiful music, charming personalities, and rippling success. In the last four years, the all-female trifecta has independently released two albums in the top of the Americana Music Association Airplay Chart and the Roots Music Report Chart, all the while garnering critical acclaim from around the globe.  Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Underhill Rose (Molly Rose Reed)”

Dirty Dozen: Annie Keating

annie keating, 2016Talent spotted by BBC Radio 2’s Bob Harris, (who calls the new album,“Wonderful – heartfelt and real”), Keating appeared live on the Bob Harris show twice and has performed at leading international festivals, including Take Root (Netherlands), Glasgow Americana Festival (Scotland), The Brooklyn Indie Music Fest, Brooklyn Americana, New Song and North by North East in Canada.  Keating has played on the bill with John Hiatt, Bon Iver, Amy Speace and other great artists. Keating and her band just released their 7th full length album “Trick Star” this summer. Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Annie Keating”

Dirty Dozen: Jack Ellis

jack-ellis-2016Jack Ellis, Singer/musician and song writer, has ambition and intends to keep the continuum of great music coming out of  South Wales.

Can you tell us about yourself? Where you are from and what you’ve been up to over the past few years? 

I was born and live on the coast in South Wales, a beautiful part of this great country. My past years have been experimenting and looking for what i want to achieve with my music. I have played in a couple of bands but over the past eighteen months decided to concentrate on a solo career. It has its pro’s and con’s but ultimately gives me control of expressing myself through my music. Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Jack Ellis”