Kim Richey “Edgeland” (Yep Roc Records, 2018)

‘Edgeland’ is the new album from Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Kim Richey. There has been a five year wait for this and it has been worth it. Recorded in Nashville and produced by Brad Jones, it’s a collaborative album of sophisticated country music and there are many highly respected players and songwriters to be found here. This is a reflection of the consistent quality present throughout Richey’s career so far, this being her eighth studio album and it contains twelve original songs of depth and grace.

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Frozen Houses “Frozen Houses” (Independent, 2018)

This is the eponymous debut album from Cornwall based singer/songwriter Alex Hill, aka ‘Frozen Houses’. It’s an interesting package, full of confidently delivered songs and some good musicianship but it is something of a strange confection. Consisting of eight self-written tracks the album definitely has an appeal. Frozen Houses is ably assisted by Ashley Height (guitar/harmony vocals), Lucy Hill (Little Lapin) on additional vocals and the assured drumming of Harry Harding (William the Conqueror and Yola Carter) and, for a debut album, this shows a deft touch in the studio. Continue reading “Frozen Houses “Frozen Houses” (Independent, 2018)”

New Neil Young film “Paradox” available to stream on Netflix in UK

Yes Neil Young fans, you can not only stream the soundtrack to the “fantasy western musical” (if those three words don’t strike horror into your heart then they should) but there were newspaper adverts over the weekend promoting his new collaboration with Daryl Hannah ‘Paradox’ being shown on Netflix in these here parts now. The Guardian wasn’t exactly glowing about it, giving it 2 stars, but the write up at least sounds like it’s worth a watch:  Continue reading “New Neil Young film “Paradox” available to stream on Netflix in UK”

Tom Waits releases for Record Store Day, but not on Gold vinyl

Gold would surely have been the obvious choice, not because Waits’ voice reminds one of the Spandau Ballet dirge, but because that’s what his 2006 triple album ‘Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards’ achieved in terms of sales.   What the first ever vinyl release will be though is red, grey and blue – it’s a triple album after all.  So that’s yet another reason to be camping outside the Friendly Local Record Store (FLRS) on the evening of the 20th of April. Continue reading “Tom Waits releases for Record Store Day, but not on Gold vinyl”

Track Premier: The Lied To’s “Buffalo”

Susan Levine and Doug Kwartler are The Lied To’s – and the lies they both got told have to do with love and romance as they each weathered bitter divorces and were left to pick up the physical, financial, and emotional pieces.  Fortunately they put this emotion into their shared music to come up with a debut album in 2015, with the next one,  ‘The Lesser of Two Evils’ due out on May 11th featuring this perfect travelling with no real destination song.

Matt McGinn + Andy Lucas, Fallen Angels Club/Star Folk Club, The Admiral Bar, Glasgow, 20th March 2018

Ireland’s Matt McGinn is well aware that any appearance of his in Glasgow is bound to cause some confusion, the city being the birthplace of the late songwriter of the same name, famous for having appeared with Bob Dylan at Carnegie Hall in the sixties. Straight off, McGinn asked if anyone wanted a refund declaring that at least one punter had returned tickets once they realised that it wasn’t the legendary Calton songsmith, returned from the grave, who was appearing tonight. He needn’t have worried as the folk who were attending this long established folk club tonight were all well aware of the Irishman’s growing reputation, bolstered with the release of his third album, ‘The End Of The Common Man.’ Continue reading “Matt McGinn + Andy Lucas, Fallen Angels Club/Star Folk Club, The Admiral Bar, Glasgow, 20th March 2018”

Vissia “Placeholder” (Hurry Hard Records, 2017)

From Alberta Canada, Vissia is singer songwriter Alex Vissia who here offers us nine songs born from experience, “This album is a collection of songs, each holding a place in my experiential past.  Like any memory, the edges get fuzzy with time and my perspective on situations can change, but I look at each song as a snapshot, a moment in time and each song brings me back to a place.”  That’s as may be but essentially the album is a fine although unremarkable collection of indie rock with a dash of torch song added to the mix. Continue reading “Vissia “Placeholder” (Hurry Hard Records, 2017)”

Lucinda, Steve, Dwight – it’s the LSD tour!

Have a good weekend dear readers whatever you get up to (my weekend is set). News from RS Country today of a tour that’d be worth remortgaging your house to go and see (since there are currently no dates outside of the US). They report: “Three of the most acclaimed country and Americana artists of the past three decades are teaming for a North American tour this summer. Dubbed the LSD Tour, a clever play on their first names, it will feature singer-songwriters Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle and Dwight Yoakam all taking the stage at theaters and amphitheaters across the country. Continue reading “Lucinda, Steve, Dwight – it’s the LSD tour!”