South City Revival “Singer In A Country Band” – Listen

Chicago!  The Blues!  And…whatever it is that other band plays.  That’s not the whole story though – South City Revival  are busy defining a “Chicago Country” sound, and on this, their latest single, they extol the pleasures of at least thinking about being a big touring country -rock band.  Lead singer Joe Pacelli rasps out his strategy “Well I know you’re thinkin’ of me /  but I’ve got big plans / Tour around the country in a beat up van / Hit the ground runnin’, make a lot of money / Yeah, I wanna be the singer in a country band.”  As well as their new single ‘Singer In A Country Band‘ is also the lead track on their eponymous debut EP.

Vandoliers “Forever” (Bloodshot, 2019)

All six band members of this Dallas-Fort Worth troupe have a VFFV tattoo (Vandoliers Forever, Forever Vandoliers). Now that’s a sign of commitment, which is evidenced immediately on this album by raucous enthusiasm.Vandoliers’  third album is noisey and driven. Their first on Bloodshot, the accompanying big push from the Chicago based record label is inevitably going to break their sound through. Joshua ‘Fireball’ Fleming has the kind of growl/croak that makes you reach for a Fisherman’s Friend, but he sounds like he means every last gnarr, and that gets followers. Continue reading “Vandoliers “Forever” (Bloodshot, 2019)”

Here comes another great UK americana festival, Stomp and Twang

As if we didn’t have enough good americana hitting our shores this year, news arrives today of another festival which will be landing in Cornwall from May 31st- June 2nd. ‘Stomp and Twang’ has a great line-up already, with a varied programme of americana music and culture which so far includes UK americana luminaries such as Yola (whose new album The Guardian recently described as “glorious, sun-soaked contentment”), Birds of Chicago, UK americana band of the year Bennett Wilson Poole, antipodean folkie Emily Barker, My Darling Clementine and up and coming UK talent including Lucas and the King, Emily Fae, Sadie Jemmett, Liam Jordan, The Hoodle and Slim Semora. Continue reading “Here comes another great UK americana festival, Stomp and Twang”

Katie O’Malley “Never Be The Same” (Independent, 2019)

With a steady clock-like tempo provided by a snare rim and shaker, we enter the world of Katie O’Malley.  The song is ‘Heart of Gold,’ and it’s fueled by subtle acoustic strumming, dirty slide guitar, bass, understated keys, and O’Malley’s tender yet pained delivery.  She’s had enough of men using her to their advantage.  She may have been born with a heart of gold, but it seems to have now lost its luster.  The track slowly, quietly builds to a boiling point only to simmer down again before quietly retreating back into the shadows.  It’s quite an opener. Continue reading “Katie O’Malley “Never Be The Same” (Independent, 2019)”

John Paul White “I Wish I Could Write You A Song” – Listen

The new single from John Paul White’s upcoming new album ‘The Hurting Kind‘, due for release on April 12th, finds the singer in the throws of a love that he cannot fully express.  On a  track with an orchestration as big as anything Roy Orbison  attempted he sings “I wish I could write you a song /  I have been trying so long / Every rhyme seems wrong” in a voice dripping with the melancholy of this emotion.

AmericanA to Z – Steve Forbert

When he first hit the scene in 1978 someone somewhere decided that labelling Steve Forbert with the “new Dylan” tag was a good idea. Unfortunately, the “new Dylan” arrived just when singer-songwriters playing folk rock on a guitar and harmonica weren’t exactly hot. Never a good idea to call anybody “the new” anything. Well, he did play the harmonica. Continue reading “AmericanA to Z – Steve Forbert”

Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou “Fair Lady London” (Maiden Voyage, 2018)

This is the fifth album release from the Hastings-based husband and wife folk duo. While previous album ‘Expatriot’ benefited from the input of renowned record producer and recording artist, Ethan Johns, who also provided recording facilities and production values from his home base in Wiltshire, this time out they decided to strip everything back – recording ‘Fair Lady London’ on an old Tascam 4-track recorder in a castle in East Sussex – preferring the ‘head space’ of such an arrangement over the somewhat fussy environs of a studio. Continue reading “Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou “Fair Lady London” (Maiden Voyage, 2018)”

Danni Nicholls announces Spring UK tour

April sees the release of Danni Nicholls’ third studio album ‘The Melted Morning’ and she’s just announced a string of dates to support it, kicking off in Luton on March 16th. The new album was produced by Jordan Brooke Hamlin in the woodland studio MOXE in Nashville, and is described as “a collection of closely personal yet widely relatable songs; some self-penned and some co-written with notable songwriters including Ben Glover, Robby Hecht and Jess Morgan.” Continue reading “Danni Nicholls announces Spring UK tour”