Songs for the apocalypse: The Jayhawks “It’s Up to You”

When Mark Olson left the Jayhawks it felt to me like one of the most beautiful songwriting partnerships since Lennon and McCartney was being torn apart like matchwood. Who knew then that the Jayhawks’ first album sans Olson would be one of the most beautiful records ever recorded. There were many songs that felt like classics but for me it was this one, with its wonderful lines like “Six green olives and a champagne basket/Paid the bill with your boyfriend’s plastic” that stood out the most. 22 years on, every time I hear it now the hairs on the back of my neck go up. Long live the Jayhawks.

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Author: Mark Whitfield

Mark Whitfield has been the Editor of Americana UK for the last 17 years and still feels like this is his pretend job, mainly because it is.

4 thoughts on “Songs for the apocalypse: The Jayhawks “It’s Up to You””

  1. Mark, Gary Louris was the stronger voice and songwriter. Olson’s Creekdippers were awful. The Jayhawks have continued to release some excellent records.

    1. I’m sure we’ve discussed this before Andy! Loved the first two Louris-led Jayhawks albums but Creekdippers’ My Own Jo Ellen is still one of my favourite records of all time.

  2. Mark, yes that’s funny. I’m sure we’d agree on most music but the Creekdippers fav of all time?

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