Robyn Hitchcock + Annie Booth @Celtic Connections, The Drygate, Glasgow, 26th January 2020

There are precious few things better than spending an evening in the company of Robyn Hitchcock and when that evening is being held in a brewery, than, all the better for that. However, this wasn’t a raucous event, with a seated audience mainly drinking in Hitchcock’s songs and his usual, unusual song introductions. Two songs in he did sing us ‘I Pray When I’m Drunk’ (scoring the first fish mention of the night with mackerel) but any hedonism was confined to his recollections of a legendary Soft Boys’ gig back in 1980 in Paisley’s Bungalow Bar -several of the audience tonight proclaiming their attendance also. Continue reading “Robyn Hitchcock + Annie Booth @Celtic Connections, The Drygate, Glasgow, 26th January 2020”

Mark Erelli “A Little Kindness” – Listen

On his new album ‘Blindsided‘, which will be released on 27th March on Soundly Music, Mark Erelli has taken a new direction, delving deeper into his rockier side.  A roots-rockier side that has room for a few strings and a pile of melody.  The kind of thing we might call Petty-esque were we lazy, but hold onto that thought for a minute. Continue reading “Mark Erelli “A Little Kindness” – Listen”

Video: Drive-By Truckers “Thoughts and Prayers”

Here’s a marvellous new lyric video from Drive-By Truckers.  It’s full of images of gun-control marches with lyrics displayed on protest signs – clever presentation and totally engaging.  ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ is taken from new album, ‘The Unraveling’, which dropped on 31st January.  Through ‘The Unraveling’, the Truckers take a long, hard look at the state of things in the USA in election year.  Continue reading “Video: Drive-By Truckers “Thoughts and Prayers””