Murder By Death “The Other Shore” (Bloodshot Records, 2018)

A space western concept album? Really?  Apparently so. Murder By Death have been releasing records for the best part of twenty years and this, their eighth album release, tells the story of two lovers choosing different paths – fleeing a dying earth or holding out on terra firma for something better. All said a bold … Continue reading “Murder By Death “The Other Shore” (Bloodshot Records, 2018)”

Dirty Dozen: The Death South

They wear white shirts and black suspenders, black pants and travellers’ hats. They sing about murderous, estranged spouses and runaway lover cousins in a boot-stomping acoustic configuration that includes banjo, mandolin, cello and guitar, some whistles, hoots and hollerin’, and finger snappin’. Sometimes their fans dress up like them too and dance and sing the … Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: The Death South”

Songs for the Rehearsal

As AUK’s resident miserabilist (self-appointed, though there is clearly plenty of competition) I feel it is incumbent on me to offer some kind of alternative background music for the approaching doomsday scenario. Now I’m not saying that we are heading for the end of days, just that sometimes when you wake up and your day … Continue reading “Songs for the Rehearsal”

Various “13 Days Of Xmas” (Bloodshot Records 2017)

Christmas comes but once a year and for the country community it’s the perfect excuse to drip an extra tear into the beer and mourn another year of lost love and lonely hearts. 13 Days Of Xmas is a compilation of artists with one thing in common – the festive season blues. The relish which … Continue reading “Various “13 Days Of Xmas” (Bloodshot Records 2017)”

Bloodshot release not crap Christmas compilation

Lovely little piece in Rolling Stone Country yesterday about Bloodshot’s new Christmas comp which we’ll be reviewing any day now here at AUK. It beats the Bublé if you can beat your auntie to the CD player: “No matter where you fall on the love-it-or-hate-it Christmas-music spectrum, no one can escape the seasonal certainty of … Continue reading “Bloodshot release not crap Christmas compilation”

Bob Dylan’s new unheard song: “a song that rolls slow”

It’s been almost eight years since Bob Dylan released brand new music – the albums that followed ‘Tempest‘ were, in general terms, the Sinatra Covers Years. In these strange times though the Nobel prize winning poet has chosen to release a new song that has been years in the making.

The Lost Brothers “After The Fire After The Rain” (Bird Dog Recordings, 2020)

The Lost Brothers recorded this, their sixth album, in New York with production duties shared between Daniell Schlett and Tony Garnier. As Dylan’s longest serving bass player Tony Garnier naturally also brought some upright bass to the sessions – and naturally, ‘cos it’s that kind of story, the bass used once belonged to Charles Mingus. … Continue reading “The Lost Brothers “After The Fire After The Rain” (Bird Dog Recordings, 2020)”

Terry Allen and the Panhandle Mystery Band “Just Like Moby Dick” (Paradise of Bachelors, 2020)

Taking its title from the archetypal monster of American literature and imagery, ‘Just Like Moby Dick’, is Texan songwriter and visual artist, Terry Allen’s first set of brand-new songs since his 2013 album, ‘Bottom of the World’. Casting the net across a range of subjects from abandonment, disaster, war, existential crisis – even a vampire … Continue reading “Terry Allen and the Panhandle Mystery Band “Just Like Moby Dick” (Paradise of Bachelors, 2020)”

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds “Ghosteen” (Ghosteen Ltd, 2019)

Some readers may be a little surprised to see a Nick Cave review on the Americana UK website. After all, he is recognised as one of the leading post-punk artists renowned for his dark and brooding lyrics and seen as the Godfather of Goth by some. Wait a minute though, he is also an outstanding … Continue reading “Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds “Ghosteen” (Ghosteen Ltd, 2019)”

The Long Farewells “Only the Stars” (Beartrap Spring Records, 2019)

Whatever else, you have to admire Aaron Rester’s style and imagination. His previous offering, ‘Americayana’, was reviewed in AUK in 2017 and praised for its originality in mixing country music and Hindu mythology in a concept album. ‘Only the Stars’, the current album shows the same imagination in offering a concept album examining events of … Continue reading “The Long Farewells “Only the Stars” (Beartrap Spring Records, 2019)”