Adam Carroll “Walked in them Shoes” (Gypsy Shuffler Records, 2019)

“Walked in them Shoes” by Texas born Adam Carroll is a brilliantly written album first and foremost. The album is very reliant on its lyrics which is what arguably makes it a great piece of pure Americana music at its core.  It is a highly intimate record, primarily relying on an acoustic guitar throughout, all of which was recorded in one day. Carroll has honed his talent on 7 earlier solo albums and has collaborated with other artists on songs and recordings. Latterly, with his wife Chris whom he credits with improving his playing.

The 10 track album, with each song introduced by Caroll himself, gives you the feeling of a personal performance in your own living room. His songs are clear and easily understood but beautifully performed, ranging from a lost love on ‘Caroline’ to the seemingly mundane with his reminiscing on ‘My Only Good Shirt’ about gigs where he wore his good shirt. The former starts with Carroll’s easy playing on acoustic guitar but the introduction of an excellent piece of pedal steel guitar makes this one of the top songs on the record.  The lines “the slamming of the screen door, left a ringing in my ear” give a snapshot of the feeling of shock and loss as a love walk out on you.

Caroll is a highly accomplished songwriter; this album shows off his talents and should make you go back and check his earlier songs.

A classic piece of Texas Americana music at it best

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