Album premiere for Loamlands’ new release

Loamlands hail out of North Carolina and have a sound they variously describe as ‘distorted Country music’ and ‘LGBT Folk’ and they have  new album, their second release, out on the 7th of June on Cruisin Records.  It’s called ‘Lez Dance‘ and we’re happy to say that we’re previewing it in full today right here on Americana UK.
The songs draw on all sorts of strands and thoughts, such as ‘Soni Wolf Grandmother‘ which takes inspiration from the life-story of Soni Wolf who founded Dykes on Bikes.  As lead singer and main songwriter Kym Register explains “Soni Wolf Grandmother questions our queer origin stories by exploring the identities of our elders. Soni Wolf Founded Dykes on Bikes. But what was she like outside of that narrative? What was it like to gay in the 70’s / 80’s? What was it like when there were fewer gender identities? What was is like for my grandmother? What would they be like now? How can we tell the stories outside of the lenses of our own narratives?

And then there’s the album’s lead single “Some Boy You Don’t Need”  which is a song for the closest of friends that will go to any extreme to save each other from settling for an unhappy compromise.  It crunches and blasts in line with the fractured and confused thinking the song explores – but other tracks rejoice in the lightest of folk guitar accompaniment.  And now it’s time to take a listen.

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