Anna Tivel “The Bell” – gorgeous gorgeous acoustic single

Anna Tivel’s next release is on Mama Bird Recording Co. and will be out on August 18th.  It is called ‘Outsiders (Live in a Living Room)‘ and is an acoustic companion to her blissfully perfect ‘Outsiders‘.   ‘The Bell’ is the first single from the album.

Outsiders (Live in a Living Room)‘ is, Anna Tivel says, an album that has “the songs from Outsiders recorded live and unembellished by the magic veil of production and band sound. Just my good friend Jon Neufeld and I in his living room with two acoustic guitars wandering through the stories as they were first imagined. Jon plays guitar with singular feeling, seems to live inside the emotion of every line as it forms. He’s intuitive and tender, spacious and reverent. I first heard him at Laurelthirst Pub in Portland long before I wrote songs and have been spellbound by his playing ever since. We sat facing each other in wooden chairs, closed our eyes, and just let the songs be as they are. Jon captured the recordings, then mixed and mastered them into being. For those of you drawn to things at their most unadorned, this one is for you.”

And here’s how it sounded to be in that room.

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