AUK’s Chain Gang: St. Paul and the Broken Bones “Don’t Mean a Thing”

Last week Rick Bayles noted that “She Never Spoke Spanish To Me”. It’s a rare occurrence for me too since Italy is my favoured foreign holiday destination. That said I was once friends with a Mexican guy and his wife who was over here studying for a PhD. He did teach me the phrase “Una cerveza, por favor” which seemed to be the most useful line in the language. I also proofread his dissertation for him, just to check the English rather than to offer an opinion on the subject matter. It was quite a heavy read as one might expect and much of it, like the Spanish language, didn’t mean a thing. But all the words were in the right order and the grammar and syntax were excellent. So he got his PhD and then they deported him because his student visa had run out. That didn’t seem to make much sense either. If asked to pontificate on that curious decision I’d have to say that ‘it don’t mean a thing’.

Which brings us to this weeks tune bought to you by St. Paul and the Broken Bones. Purveyors of the soulful end of Americana (my favourite bit) they hail from Birmingham. No – not England’s second city but Birmingham, Alabama. Here they are performing at Bristol Rhythm and Roots Festival. No – not the West Country city famous for tearing down its statues but Bristol, Tennessee. It’s all very confusing but hopefully will mean something to you folks including our man Tim Martin who has the unenviable task of following this…

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Fantastic band! it was 2 years ago today we saw them at Rock City….how time flies when you’re locked down….