Studio Life: Bandits on the Run

Bandits on the Run combine a range of genres with catchy hooks and excellent musicianship.  The result is a modern, fresh sound and, at the heart of it, is the trio’s fabulous harmonic vocals.  Known for their creative live performances and theatrical style, the three have even taken on bandit alter-egos. Sydney Torin Shepherd, Adrian Blake Enscoe and Regina Strayhorn are talented individuals; together, the blend is hugely enjoyable.  They have just released a new short film, featuring both the A-side and B-side versions of their single ‘Love in the Underground’.   AUK spoke to the Bandits to explore the song and video in a little more detail. Continue reading “Studio Life: Bandits on the Run”

Video Premiere: Phil and the Osophers “Life Savings”

We’re pleased to share the video premiere of ‘Life Savings’ from Phil and the Osophers, featuring intricate guitar-work, melodic vocals and gorgeous Colorado landscapes.  The song is about economic hardship and isolation with the main character burying his savings in the snowy mountains.  Very timely.  Continue reading “Video Premiere: Phil and the Osophers “Life Savings””

Video: Donovan Woods “Grew Apart”

The latest release from Donovan Woods features a catchy melody and excellent production by James Bunton and Todd Clark.  Winner of a JUNO Award, Woods is consistently turning out popular tunes and has now reached more than 130 million streams of his songs.  That’s some achievement.  His list of collaborators including Rose Cousins and Lori McKenna is equally impressive.  As well as the new single, check out his critically-acclaimed 2018 album ‘Both Ways’.

Mini-Gig: Pete Gow & Joe Bennett “Storm Windows” (John Prine Tribute)

We’re all missing live music at the moment.  We have been trying to fill that void with regular ‘mini-gigs’.  Great artists have been sharing performances recorded at home as they adapt to the same lockdown restrictions as you and me.  Today’s show is a beautiful performance from virtual duo, Pete Gow and Joe Bennett (The Dreaming Spires, Bennett Wilson Poole, Co-Pilgrim and more…), expertly put together while separate from one another.  Continue reading “Mini-Gig: Pete Gow & Joe Bennett “Storm Windows” (John Prine Tribute)”

Video Premiere: Kieran Conaway “Anegada”

We’re pleased to share the video premiere of ‘Anegada’ by Kieran Conaway.  Taken from Conaway’s forthcoming debut album, it’s a gently rhythmic song with an engaging melody.  Conaway’s vocal is delicate, yearning and characterful – well-suited to such a personal song. He draws on various genres: Americana, folk and country, to create a contemporary sound.  Check out recent single ‘Norway’ for another example of Conaway’s beautifully intricate guitar-work. Continue reading “Video Premiere: Kieran Conaway “Anegada””

Video: Brendan Benson “Richest Man”

This upbeat, catchy song from Brendan Benson will stick around in your brain for a while.  The video, directed by Wartella, features excellent animation.  Benson says: “This was a very different video making experience. I had to pantomime the whole thing with notes from Wartella (who lives in another city), about the different scenes. I had to hold an imaginary umbrella and arrange an imaginary vase with flowers. It was all very mysterious and I had no idea if I was doing a good job or anything until it came back after being animated. Turns out I’m a pretty good mime!”  Taken from ‘Dear Life’, Benson’s first new album in seven years, this is one to enjoy.

Video Premiere: Marla Mase “Truth Comes Down”

Warm backing vocals and excellent acoustic guitar feature on the latest song from Marla Mase. ‘Truth Comes Down’ is the lead single from her new EP, ‘Stripped Down’, which is Mase’s first fully acoustic release.  She says of the EP: “It just feels right at this juncture in time. It freaks me out that things I wrote about over 10 years ago are happening now. I think of myself as a writer first and everything I do stems from the words. I let the songs and stories dictate the way they want to be presented. While this collection of songs is softer and more vulnerable I still feel they convey a message of strength and hope.”  She’s a versatile and creative spirit, who writes and acts in addition to song-writing and performing.  The New Yorker brings theatre to her shows.  Enjoy.

Video: Dusty Wright “Bad Moon Rising”

Has this song ever seemed more relevant?  Dusty Wright has recorded a new version of John Fogerty’s classic 1969 song, ‘Bad Moon Rising’, which was an environmental anthem.  However, those powerful lyrics could easily be applied to the crisis that now grips us.  Wright’s version is taken from his forthcoming album ‘Can Anyone Hear Me?’ due out later this year.

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Shannon LaBrie

Great musicians performing mini-gigs is a way to connect music lovers during these strange times.  It gives you the chance, dear reader, to see and hear live shows from artists who, just like you, are isolating themselves at home.  Today’s show is from Shannon LaBrie, who recorded her song, ‘Raining Hallelujah’, outside in the snowy Nebraskan spring.  Blue skies and snow.  It’s lovely to see another part of the world when you can’t travel anywhere! Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Shannon LaBrie”

Video Premiere: VanWyck “Lead Me On”

We are delighted to premiere ‘Lead Me On’, the new single from VanWyck, the smoky-voiced singer from the Netherlands.  It’s actually not a new track but has long-been the opening song for gigs. The band were supposed to be recording the video just before lock-down began and they found themselves isolated from one another.  They filmed themselves each playing their parts at home: in the bedroom, sitting on a windowsill, in the living room and in a steering hut.  Collected together, this footage is strangely powerful and a suitable accompaniment to a beautifully melodic song. Continue reading “Video Premiere: VanWyck “Lead Me On””