Bob Dylan announces a new, huge, box set

Leaving you this week dear readers with this – Well, it probably isn’t Dylan himself doing it, he probably has a PR person or two who sends this sort of information out to the huddled masses of Dylanphiles, Bob Cats and general Americana muso’s. Or, maybe it is Dylan, in a quiet moment between concerts on the Never Ending Tour.  That isn’t actually important right now.

But this is – on June 7th a huge new Dylan box set will emerge covering that key period in his career, The Rolling Thunder Revue.  Not all of it of course – that would require a Grateful Dead style crate-set with several dozens of CDs.  No, this is the more modest, but still huge, 14CD release capturing in their entirety the five professionally recorded concerts from the first leg of the tour.  There will be 148 tracks, and 100 of them are previously unreleased (bootlegs aside!).

Now the astute will say “but, wasn’t Bootleg Series Volume 5 the Rolling Thunder Revue ?”  Well, yes, it was, that can’t be denied, but that release featured a different set of recordings – but here’s another good thing, as a special treat for Dylanphiles, Bob Cats and general Americana muso’s, that earlier set is going to get a vinyl re-issue.  Neat, huh?

We’ll be back on Tuesday. Have a good long weekend.

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Sorry to be such a pedant, but “Revue”!!!