Bob Dylan does not recommend a bottle of wine

Yes, it may be as Tom Paxton has it “the fruit of the vine”, but that does not shake the resolve of his erstwhile Greenwich Village compadre.  Dylan himself – and this should come as no shock to those who’ve followed his musical drinking – suggests that the wise choice is the choice of a whisky.  And fortunately Dylan also knows just the whisky you want to choose from, either:  Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Double Barrel Whiskey or Straight Rye Whiskey – and all three are available from Dylan’s new distillery Heaven’s Door.  It’s a case of “mama take these guns offa me / and pour me a double on the rocks”.

Our researchers assure us that the head whisky chef (that’s a thing, right ?) is a guy called Jonny, and the distillery is located in a basement.  Apparently there’s something like 90% proof in here.

How can one get a hand on this ultimate desirable product ?  Well, Dylan’s own brand of whiskey is available now to purchase online.  So, “set ’em up Joe – make it one for my baby and one more for the road”.

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