Ryan Adams releases Valentine’s Day single online – Listen

Ryan Adams has a shot of V-Day love for the world this year with the release of a special Valentine’s Day single today. ‘Baby I Love You’ is exactly what it sounds like: a song to someone’s baby (colloquial as opposed to small child, although it might work either way) who they love—a unique twist on Ryan Adams’ classic recipe, with key ingredient “sad” replaced by “happy.”  Head over to the Pax Am website for more info.

Bob Cheevers “Help Me With My Heart” – Listen

Admittedly this is not a new song – but quite appropriate for Valentines Day.  Really we wanted Is It Ever Gonna Rain, but that wasn’t available.  Help Me with My Heart seemed a better second choice than If I Fell Back in Love With Your Sister.  And a much better choice than Underpants.  Or I like Sheep.  Those songs exist.  Bob Cheevers – the man with no discernible edit function.   He’s at the Green Note tomorrow by the way.


Shakey Graves “Kids These Days” – Listen

One line of wisdom of course is that they don’t.  Listen that is.  Trash.  The kids are all right.  Alejandro Rose-Garcia, aka Shakey Graves, won the award for Best Emerging Artist at the 2015 Americana Music Awards – his new album Can’t Wake Up shows an evolution into different sounds.  He says of it “this record is the most I’ve ever intentionally worked on a project, musically speaking, in terms of the scope of it and how much thought went into it.  It’s a dense album; there’s a lot of information going on.”.  There are upcoming – and already sold out – dates in London, Glasgow and Manchester.

James Perryman “Why Do You Only Love Me When I’m Stoned?” – Listen

West-London based singer-songwriter James Perryman raises a pertinent question on his newly  released single.  There’s an EP to follow in April.  Multi-layered vocals  add an appropriate fuzzed-up feel to the smooth vocals.  If you like what you’re hearing then it’s worth noting that James Perryman will be playing The Coppermill on Friday 16th.

Arkansas Dave “On My Way” – Listen

Arkansas Dave has all the right credentials – born and raised in the piney swamps of Camden, Arkansas, started his musical journey with drums at five years old and by 12 was playing guitar every Sunday in church. Then it was bands in dive bars and the best honky tonks in Arkansas and Texas.  The events of On My Way are drawn from life – and were recorded in Muscle Shoals.  It’s the southern rock first single from his upcoming eponymous album release due in April.

Jodee Lewis “Buzzard’s Bluff” – Listen

Jodee Lewis may have travelled North from Missouri to settle in Chicago, but she didn’t bring the blues with her: she’s traditional country, spinning tales to guitar, fiddle and banjo accompaniment.  Buzzard’s Bluff is the title track of her album due on the 6th of April and captures natural lush landscapes of her Ozarks home – but just like the numerous birds of prey, a dark secret is always circling.


Track premiere: Rainbrother “Black Chemicals”

Rainbrother were formed while frontman Bjarke Bendtsen was touring with The Migrant in Europe – he performed with a group of fellow Danish musicians and after moving back to his home turf, decided the sound was too good a thing for a one off. There’s a new album out in the Autumn and they’re doing some Danish dates this month but in the meantime, they’ve shared this warm fuzzed up track with us from their next album. Bendtsen told AUK: “The song is about all the beautiful and scary stuff that breaks loose inside of you when you love and want to be loved, about the big black animal that walks its own ways, defies all reason.” I think it’s called a dog.

Select Captain “Miles Apart” – Listen

On which Kristian Gaarskjaer (a.k.a. Select Captain) blends his subtle guitar and folk leaning vocals with Soluna Samay’s to produce a duet which meditates on relationships that are intimate…but not emotionally close…that feel good…but feel like they aren’t going anywhere.  Painful stuff.  Hurtful stuff.  Rather beautiful.


The Sound of Ghosts “I’m Gonna Be Free” – Listen

LA folk collective The Sound of Ghosts bring some buzzing electric guitar into the mix on this track from upcoming release Delivery and Departure.   The Sound of Ghosts are “laying a foundation of self-evaluation” on their path to the promised land on this song of two musical halves.


Louis Brennan “Airport Hotel” – Listen

On this folk mini-epic, gravel voiced Louis Brennan captures the particular bleakness of cheap airport hotels – nothing says transitory more than a brief encounter that involves the contents of a mini-bar and a feeling that things could be better than this.  And it’s an airport – so someone’s not going to be here tomorrow.