The Good Graces “The First Girl” – Listen

The Good Graces is the folk collective formed by Kim Ware in Atlanta back in 2007. The First Girl is taken from the band’s latest release, The Hummingbird EP, and takes a bold and unflinchingly honest view of relationships and how they can have a tendency to end. It’s open and unfiltered and if there’s blame on both sides well Kim Ware takes her share “I’m a sucker for a good story / But I always make a mess of my own / And I wish I could rewrite the ending / So nobody ends up all alone”.

The Hanging Stars “On a Sweet Summer’s Day” – Listen

With four-part-harmonies and luscious twelve-string guitars London’s The Hanging Stars borrow a musical feeling from The Byrds for this perfect slice of psychedelic folk-rock.  On a Sweet Summer’s Day is from the band’s new album Songs For Somewhere Else which will hit the shops 9th of February.

AVERS “Everything Hz” – Listen

It’s true, there is too much music and sometimes…just sometimes…a great album slips by unacknowledged.  Emerging in the middle of last year Omega/Whatever, the second release from AVERS is one such – it’s an album about the struggles of living in the modern world. There are songs about divorce, technology, late nights, corrupt politicians, and societal norms.  It’s also the rockiest rock noise one could wish for.

Will Stewart “Sipsey” – Listen

Having returned home to Alabama after a few years in Nashville Will Stewart has dug deep into his roots and pulled out his solo debut album County Seat, which is released on April 6th. Sipsey is the lead single and touches on that strange feeling that you can never quite go back home again. It’s warm and nostalgic – wistful for the past and longing to reconnect.

Almond&Olive “Standing at the Precipice” – Listen

Almond&Olive are a kick-ass duo comprised of singer-songwriters Natalie Alms and Ollie Davidson who create inspiring songs that span folk and Americana. The music on their recently released debut album, Standing at the Precipice, features Alms mostly on banjo and Davidson mostly on acoustic guitar, and both on take no prisoners attitude.  Almond&Olive are truly the new band you must hear.

Kashena Sampson “Away from Here” – Listen

Taken from her album Wild Heart, Kashena Sampson is the archetypal late starter who it is hard to believe has been previously overlooked.  No more – Rolling Stone have given her a nod as someone in the Ronstadt/Nicks class.  Hard to argue with that.  Kashena Sampson will be participating in the Americana Music Association UK’s evening “festival” on the 31st January in the heart of Hackney.

Track premiere: Oberon Rose “Tell Me All About It”

Oberson Rose hail from New England, a band whose sound has been described as “…a wonderful retro-fried slice of rock and psychedelic pop”. The band have shared this new track with AUK which has some lovely Beatles echoes to it. Lead singer Tommy Oberon told us: “To me, Tell Me All About has a multi-coloured spinning or circular type of feeling. Almost like a carousel, or better yet, a roulette wheel.  Each verse is its own vignette that is called up randomly by whichever slot the ball falls into.  Although each verse may seem disconnected from the ones before, when taken in as a whole, it tells a larger story.” And there’s a lyric video if you want to singalong.

Track premiere: Eugene Tyler Band “Training”

Eugene Tyler Band’s new album “Young Randy” is out today on Cold Folks Home Records, and they’ve shared their new single “Training” from it with us which has some nice intense guitar interplay that recalls the Milk Carton Kids or Mandolin Orange. Eugene told AUK: “With ‘Training’, we wanted to explore this idea that bodies are adaptable, and will get better at anything with repetition. The more times you do something, the easier it becomes. But what stress is harmful, and what stress is beneficial? What if you’ve just been getting better at being worse?”  Which is a feeling I know all too well…