Daniel Gadd “A Scene From Some Old Poem” – no, more like Ritter

Daniel Gadd comes with the oft repeated recommendation of ‘FFO: Bob Dylan.’  And ok, he mentions Rimbaud and Baudelaire, but the person he really reminds us of – if we really have to make a comparison, which it seems is today’s game – is Josh Ritter, particularly in the first minute or so.  See how it strikes you – we just make suggestions, we don’t tell you what to think.

Daniel Gadd is a London-based South African born singer/songwriter, and he has a new album coming.  It’s called ‘About Strange Lands and People‘ and whilst it’s new, the songs are at least five years old as they were originally recorded solo back in 2018, in an old church in the Northamptonshire countryside. “On the second morning, a local woman walked in with her family and cheerily asked us what we were up to. It turned out to be Geri Halliwell and when she left she said “Good luck with your music.” So in a very real sense this album has been blessed by a Spice Girl… in a church,” says Gadd, who adds “though I loved those solo, acoustic recordings, I felt that the songs were calling out for more players. So I somehow convinced my producer Jonjo Keefe to do it all over again, but this time in the studio with a band. In 2022 we produced the record together, adding to the arrangements and shaping the songs into their final form.

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