Elkyn “Holy Spirit Social Club”

Curation Records, 2022

Wistful, sometimes dreamy, Sparkly folk from Leeds.

Elkyn Holy Spirit Social Club Album ArtworkJoey Donnelly is Elkyn and he is channelling many things with this sometime delicate, sometime urgent album the first of which on the opener ‘Change’ is Neil Halstead and the Mojave 3 or possibly the Dream Academy whilst the follow up has more of a U2 vibe about its insistent rhythm [but don’t let that put you off – Ed].

There is a vulnerability at work here that may conjure up Sparklehorse with the vocal stylings and the sense of yearning in the lyricism. Musically the palette is broad but guitar based with overlapping harmonies. Highlights include the almost hymnal ‘I Was Never In It’  where Donnelley’s vocals are a whispered regret floating over the simple back beat and strummed motif as it builds and builds and the organ hoves into view along with the sparkling synths. ‘Everything Looks Darker Now is even more gossamer in its approach and suggests Bon Iver at his most introspective.

As the album progresses these highlights look less isolated and other tracks jostle for attention as the artist’s palette becomes clearer for its simplicity. ‘I Don’t know The Way From Here’ is an affecting meditation that grips as the songs goes through its gentle gears adding different hues of the same colour to complete the picture. Lovely stuff.



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