Icarus Phoenix “Sometimes our shadow can get in the way”

Independent, 2022

A beautiful, life affirming slice of melodious Americana-tinged indie pop.

Icarus phoenix album artwork for sometimes our shadow can get in the wayBe it Fountains of Wayne or They Might be Giants there is a strata of American music that flirts with the mainstream but is defiantly indie in its outlook, sensibilities and musical flavours and Drew Danburry’s Icarus Phoenix fit right into this exclusive club. And, on the evidence of this their third album, they have the songwriting chops and musicality to be mentioned in the same sentence or breath.

The album kicks off with the new wavey ‘Shelbyville‘, a bracing post punk roustabout that brims with energy and brio, before unfolding gently into the loveliness of songs like ‘Rebel Girl‘ with its conversational confessional set to a crystal clear mid tempo beat and sunny harmonies, and ‘Gild, for J W Teller‘ with its jaw dropping harmonied accapella section that arrives unexpectedly and arrests the listener with its shimmering perfectness for the song structure.

Recorded over three days this album feels polished and balanced; musically each little production touch feels right, the four piece sounding coherent and well drilled with producer Jed Jones adding his own musicality to the brew.

There is a soulfulness to ‘Meeting‘ that sounds like a classic in the making, certainly lighters aloft at a festival type of thing, as the world weary vocal sits on top of the euphoric backing. There’s a hint of Canada’s long lost Pursuit of Happiness to ‘The Franklin Scandal for Alisha Owen’ and the album finishes with ‘Alpha Centuri Reprise‘ a second helping of one of the most affecting cuts with its slightly sinister pan pipe introduction. How generous of them.

Recommended. Buy without fear!


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