Sounds of the New West Volume 5 out with new Uncut

For those of us who have been around long enough, you’ll remember that way back in the sands of time, two decades ago in fact, Uncut had a cover-mounted CD called Sounds of the New West which was instrumental in a lot of people’s introduction to the americana genre. Continue reading “Sounds of the New West Volume 5 out with new Uncut”

Erin Rae + HerTiltedMoons, Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds, 9th November 2019

Growing up in Jackson, Tennessee, Erin Rae McKaskie was playing music from the age of five. Her parents were both musicians. Now based in Nashville, Erin Rae has dropped her surname, but the music still flows through her veins. Her sophomore album ‘Putting on Airs’ was released to widespread acclaim last year and she has gathered a growing reputation as a live performer. Tonight, she was accompanied by a three-piece band piece band who augmented and embellished her songs perfectly. Continue reading “Erin Rae + HerTiltedMoons, Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds, 9th November 2019”

8 gigs in 8 days for Erin Rae

Erin Rae heads to the UK for 8 dates in 8 days, beginning in London on the 4th of November. Rae has a deserved reputation as a compelling live performer, which has earned her the respect of her Nashville peers and contemporaries, including Grammy Award winner John Paul White, who was impressed enough to sign her to his Single Lock Records label. Continue reading “8 gigs in 8 days for Erin Rae”

Erin Rae releases new EP ahead of forthcoming tour

Nashville based singer songwriter, Erin Rae, and AUK favourite has released a new EP, ‘Putting On Airs Demos’, to celebrate the one year anniversary of her breakthrough record ‘Putting On Airs’. Along with the title track, the EP features 4 songs from the album, including ‘The Grand Scheme,’ ‘The Real Thing,’ and ‘Can’t Cut Loose’. Continue reading “Erin Rae releases new EP ahead of forthcoming tour”

Erin Rae, The Slaughtered Lamb, London, 30th August 2018

“Corpsing” is actor-speak for having an unscripted fit of laughter onstage : so-called because the worst time to suffer a fit of the giggles is when an actor is playing a corpse. The sort of corpse more readily associated with a venue called The Slaughtered Lamb however might be found in the film ‘An American Werewolf in London’ where two gauche American tourists visiting a pub of the same name are subject to a frosty welcome from inhospitable locals before being attacked outside by a werewolf. This is by way of introduction to the fact that at the midpoint of tonight’s gig Erin Rae and her main musical collaborator, Jerry Bernhardt, suffered an extended attack of the giggles that continued over the entire course of the song ‘Playing Old Games.’ Although something of an unprecedented occurrence, there was no frosty welcome for these visiting Americans, the audience happily indulgent throughout this episode, as well as the entirety of the whole set. Continue reading “Erin Rae, The Slaughtered Lamb, London, 30th August 2018”

Erin Rae putting on shows in the UK

Erin Rae will tour the UK & Europe this summer in support of her critically acclaimed recent album ‘Putting on Airs’ which came out on Single Lock records in June, and combines indie rock, folk and psychedelia. The album was recorded at the Refuge, a former Franciscan monastery in Appleton, Wisconsin, and produced by engineer Dan Knobler and multi-instrumentalist Jerry Bernhardt. Continue reading “Erin Rae putting on shows in the UK”