Freya Ward “Written With Hindsight” (Independent, 2019)

The breakup record has a long history in music and this six track EP is rising folk-hued singer-songwriter Freya Ward’s contribution to the genre. As the title suggests the songs were written somewhat afterwards and they chart the events in question from the recognition of a problem in ‘Say Something’ (complete with beautiful guitar work) via pleading ‘Go Easy On Me’ (“I try, you know I try”) and the documentation of the actual split in ‘After Everything And Me’ before closing with the self-explanatory ‘I Would Do It All Again’.

Musically things are driven along by Ward’s light, almost playful voice and the aforementioned exquisite guitar work but additional layers are added in on some songs to give greater texture and variety. The results are very engaging and catchy melodies belie the rather darker words. While there are an awful lot of female singer-songwriters with an acoustic guitar treading the boards Ward has enough about her to stand clear enough of the pack.

Impressive six track EP charting the stages of a break-up

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