Track Premiere: Jaspar Lepak “Arizona”

Americana UK is pleased to premiere Jaspar Lepak’s new song ‘Arizona‘ which will be available everywhere on Monday.

Jaspar Lepak’s ‘Arizona‘ is a plea to her home state to not backtrack on abortion rights – it comes two years after the US Supreme Court overthrew Roe v Wade and follows on Arizona’s decision to Arizona Supreme Court voted back into law an 1864 near-total abortion ban. Although the law has since been repealed, abortion rights in the state remain uncertain with many burdensome restrictions. This November, the Arizona Abortion Access Act will be on the ballot, and Arizonans will have the opportunity to establish a fundamental right to abortion in the Arizona State Constitution.

Speaking about the song Jaspar Lepak has said: “Two years ago, the Supreme Court left the decision of abortion rights up to the states – this song is a prayer to my home state to protect them.  Growing up in Tucson, I experienced Arizona as a wild force of nature, brilliant and harsh, stunning in its resilience. I spent my childhood outdoors and felt deeply loved by the desert.  Personifying her as a mother felt right for this song. I want Arizona to think of herself that way too – as a protector of its daughters.”

(And yes, people you are correct, this is a video – so no one tell the Video Editor, OK?)

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