Jerry Leger takes time out for UK tour

Canadian singer-songwriter, Jerry Leger, is someone who has been on our radar since the release of his excellent double album, ‘Nonsense and Heartache’ which first came out in Europe on Michael Timmins’ label, Latent Recordings, in March 2018.

Leger has had quite a year in 2019 with a tour of Europe and North America followed by the release of his latest record ‘Time Out for Tomorrow’ which has featured in many music writers and critics’ albums of the year even though it was released as late as November – including a 4.5 out of 5 review in the European edition of Rolling Stone who said, “Time Out For Tomorrow is his masterpiece”. Our own Andrew Frolish of Americana UK in his 9/10 review said: “Smart lyrics: check. Characterful vocals: check. Masterful musicianship: check. Sublime songcraft: check. For many listeners, a Jerry Leger album is the very definition of Americana. Since his 2005 debut, Leger has been hugely prolific while managing a remarkably consistent quality in his output. ‘Time Out for Tomorrow’ is no exception, finding Leger and his band, The Situation, in fine form. The album is lean, focused and coherent, both musically and thematically”.

Talking about the approach to recording with Michael Timmins which Leger said only took a week in the studio, he said: “Well, we rehearsed these tunes more than we have before recording other records. I wanted to get not just a blueprint but something close to a solid arrangement this time around. Of course some of the songs were reworked or rearranged at the last minute….I definitely had it in my head how I wanted the album to sound. I think the only other record that I made where I felt that way was ‘You, Me & The Horse.’ So far, this album is the closest I’ve ever gotten to what’s in my head. This is the best the band has ever sounded”.

Leger kicks off a European tour with 27 dates in 33 days, starting out in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain before he hits the UK in April this year where he has six dates scheduled.

Jerry Leger UK tour dates

21 APR – The Greystones, Sheffield
22 APR – Green Note, Camden, London
23 APR – Broadcast, Glasgow
24 APR – O’Riley’s, Hull
25 APR – Roman Lakes, Stockport
26 April – The Railway Inn, Winchester

Time Out for Tomorrow’ is out now on Latent Recordings.


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