Jolé “Let Go” – parting is the sweetest sorrow…

This is the title track of the new EP by Jolé (who was raised in Frome as Josh Oliver), and it is an understated lo-fi modern folk song about coming to terms with an ending.  As Jolé explains “I wrote it about coming out the other end of a break up or losing someone you love. The verses talk about coming to terms with the the feeling of losing someone and the choruses about being able to move on from those feelings. There is more of a positive tone to this song and gives the listener some hope that it’s possible to move on.”

The song, like the rest of the EP, was written and recorded during the pandemic which in some ways worked quite well for Jolé who had just relocated to London and was in the process of putting a studio together.  AS he tells it: “Weirdly, it became a positive experience for me.  Whilst all the other songwriters were taking time out, I was using that time to get to where they were. So I took part in a lot of Zoom sessions, did a lot of writing sessions. I learned how to self-produce. In a creative sense, the time away was actually quite good for me.

As the world starts to get back to normal Jolé finds his about to be shaken up – he’ll soon be a father and he now anticipates raising a family back in Frome, saying “I don’t think I ever fully grew up, to be honest!  I’ve never had a normal job, I’ve lived my life here, there, and everywhere. I’ve finally started to evaluate what I want to achieve in life, and what’s important to me.”

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