Josh Radnor “Red” – to hell with Mom and Dad

Photo: Eli Greiss

Yes, you do recognise the name – Josh Radnor, as well as being a singer-songwriter is a well known actor, whose most famous role was as a parent explaining how he met their mother to his children.   However, roll forward to early 2022, and we find the real Josh Radnor exiled from his Los Angeles home and reeling from an intense breakup.  And so he relocated himself to Nashville with a cache of upwards of fifty songs and got down to some serious recording time.  The result was twenty-three ready to release songs – which are coming out as a split double LP, with the first tranche appearing on ‘Eulogy: Volume I’  on November 17th.  Today’s song. ‘Red’ is an angry snarling tale of rebellious youth at it’s worst – railing against society and stealing. cars, amongst other recklessness.  Josh Radnor has said that it isn’t quite autobiographical, explaining that “‘Red’ is based on a Robert Bly talk called ‘The Masculine Road’ where he says the three stages of a man’s development correspond to three colors: Red, White, and Black. The ‘Red’ phase is adolescence: hot, youthful, angry, lusty, rebellious, violent, fuck-you-mom-and-dad, go-it-alone individualism, etc. In writing this song I was channeling the rebellious adolescent I never truly let myself be.

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