Video: The Glorious Sons “Glory”

Photo credit: Matt Barnes

As he stumbles through waves of fog, Brett Emmons absolutely sings his heart out in the video for ‘Glory’, the latest single from acclaimed Canadian band The Glorious Sons.  Beginning with delicate guitar and Emmons’ heart-aching vocal, the song is quickly driven forward by the addition of throbbing bass and percussion before it transforms into a soaring anthem.  Simply put: it’s glorious.  The Matt Barnes-directed video is simple but effective, a powerfully atmospheric piece that directs our attention to Emmons’ emotionally intense delivery.

This is the title track from the band’s fourth studio album, which has just been released.  Emmons says of the album’s inspiration and themes: “When I listen back to this album, it kind of presents itself as one big inner struggle puked out for everyone to hear. Sometimes it actually embarrasses me quite a bit—but that’s what was in there, so—life goes on, I guess.  It kind of feels like the acknowledgment of that annoying pain of what it means to be human.”  This personal approach to the songs was a result of the enforced isolation and introspection of the pandemic and the resulting collection focuses on themes of perseverance and self-acceptance.  With themes of personal growth, the album mirrors The Glorious Sons’ musical growth.  Emmons explains: “‘Glory’ is just another chapter in what we’re doing—I’m sure we’ll be another band next album, it’s kind of just the way our minds work.” 

The idea glory is: “…a rally cry to the band.  I wanted people to know how good we had it, and remind them that this [success] doesn’t last forever. It’s not just something that’s owed to us.”  And listening to it, perhaps we also feel a little bolder, a little more determined, our spirits lifted for a glorious push towards success.  Enjoy.–z740

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