Kit Lindsey “Appalachian Sunday” – haunted murder ballad

Here’s an appropriate song for Halloween – the debut single by Kit Lindsey has a brooding ominous presence, as a daughter revenges her mother “she never saw him cry / ’til the day he came home to find / Baby waiting with a shotgun / the one that took her mother’s life.”  Rough justice ensues.

Kit Lindsey told us about the song: “‘Appalachian Sunday’ is a culmination of so many influences, experiences, and moods. It’s at the top of my list when it comes to songs that still jerk my emotions around no matter how many times I’ve sung them. It’s reminiscent of traditions that are important to myself and my community, but modernized on this record in a way that I feel to be so true to my own sound. Old-time murder ballads don’t feature the ‘girl next door’ as the focus of the tune, and I wanted the unnamed woman in ‘Appalachian Sunday’ to be both the hero and the villain. I hope the song will ground people in a haunting and nostalgic story, but also allow them to experience an age-old tradition in a reimagined way.

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