Lauren Morrow “People Talk” – the chattering classes

On the title track from her new album Lauren Morrow pretty much skewers the endless drift of meaningless and thoughtless chatter that the world is full of: “people talk a big game when they need someone else to blame for what they lack inside / … / some people love the sound of their own voice / they’ll speak their mind bit won’t give you a choice.”  As we noted in our review, the album features a range of styles – and this is one of the songs with synths and, yes, saxophone.  Catchy and poppy?  We’ll let you decide.

Lauren Morrow found the inspiration for the album, her first full-length release, after moving to Nashville.  After a decade of fronting The Whiskey Gentry she wanted to get out of her “Americana rut” (say what?!?) and get in touch with some of her other influences.  And well, she achieved that – as she says “It was the best decision we’ve made. We decided in July 2017 to move and we sold our house, packed our bags, and moved here less than two months later. We met [producer] Parker [Cason] almost immediately, and it felt so kindred to me. I’d finally found someone who understood all of my influences and could really see the vision beyond what I’d done in my prior career.

Lauren Morrow has a single UK gig coming up and will be playing at the Green Note on May 12th.

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