Nathan Evans Fox “Wasted Love”

Independent, 2021

Fox crafts a collection of warm, sentimental country music which deserves a wider audience.

Nathan Evans Fox has self produced and recorded his fourth album ‘Wasted Love’ during the initial stages of the pandemic at his home in Nashville.  He sought further support from fans via Kickstarter (crowd funding) to spread the reach of the music.  Fox’s background as a Chaplain, his love of nature and exploration of faith and relationships are evident across this album.  Fox sings about his life using country music to explore well trodden paths while putting his own take on the themes introduced on this album.

Wasted Love‘ is introduced by ‘One of these days‘ a plaintive wistful declaration of finding one’s way through life. Fox shows his country honky-tonk blues chops on ‘Mercedes Benz‘ singing about promises made in tough times “When the earth move under your feet here and the sky start tumbling down…” you can count on him to be there.

Fox’s lyrics explore relationships with others and with God as he does on ‘Lordhamercy’ channeling Lyle Lovett on ‘Joshua Judges Ruth’  The songs are steeped in faith in others and in a higher power but are not burdened by this as Fox demonstrates a skill in making these songs sound so effortlessly humane.  ‘Carolina Boy‘ about moving away from your roots, ‘Good trucks‘ a song which could be a throwaway novelty song is rises above the clichés of country with some humor.  Fox is an accomplished songwriter who has drawn on difficulties he has faced recently in his life and created a positive well produced collection of songs.


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