Rosy Nolan “Footprints and Broken Branches” (Independent, 2019)

Nine years on from the release of her last album ‘Black Out Nights’, Rosy Nolan is back with her EP, ‘Footprints & Broken Branches’. An Americana and country singer hailing from Northern California, Nolan explores, in her own words, ‘a softer, folksy sound in her latest album’, compared to her Northern California counterparts such as … Continue reading “Rosy Nolan “Footprints and Broken Branches” (Independent, 2019)”

Andrea Baker “Wild In The Hollow” (Independent, 2019)

If you want to hear of honesty through one person and their music, then ‘Wild In The Hollow’ would be a great place to start. This record bleeds truth and brings you right back to the basics of this world. Built through counselling sessions, conversations that came about in difficult fashion, and travelling around the … Continue reading “Andrea Baker “Wild In The Hollow” (Independent, 2019)”

Karen & The Sorrows “Guaranteed Broken Heart” (Ocean Born Mary Music, 2019)

One of the music industry’s most time-honoured clichés is that an artist’s third album represents a critical creative crossroads – even way back in the 1980s,   Essex folk singer Billy Bragg wryly subtitled his immortal ‘Talking to the Taxman about Poetry’ as “the difficult third album.” But in the case of queer country band … Continue reading “Karen & The Sorrows “Guaranteed Broken Heart” (Ocean Born Mary Music, 2019)”

Jon Boden and The Remnant Kings “Rose In June” (Hudson Records, 2019)

Jon Boden is best known as the leader of English folk band Bellowhead. This new album, his fourth solo work, is more diverse in sound and feel than his former group, despite relying at least partly on traditional songs. ‘Rose in June’, which Boden acknowledges hearing through the work of Lou Killen, opens the album and has … Continue reading “Jon Boden and The Remnant Kings “Rose In June” (Hudson Records, 2019)”

Simon Joyner “Pocket Moon” (BB*Island, 2019)

It’s always a surprise to come across someone for the first time who’s actually been making music for ages – in Simon Joyner’s case 17 years and as many albums, not so much because it’s new but more “why has nobody heard of this guy?”, as he fits as snugly into the Americana genre as … Continue reading “Simon Joyner “Pocket Moon” (BB*Island, 2019)”

Lizanne Knott “Bones and Gravity” (Independent, 2019)

Lizanne Knott is one of those wonderfully expressive singer-songwriters that sound as though, if they had gone down a different route, might have been swallowed up by mainstream Nashville’s blandness. Instead she, along with so many of her peers who are reviewed on this website, has developed a style of alt country-based Americana that is … Continue reading “Lizanne Knott “Bones and Gravity” (Independent, 2019)”

The Good Graces “Prose And Consciousness” (Potluck Foundation 2019)

‘Prose And Consciousness’ is the fourth full album from The Good Graces, a band that is basically Kim Ware and some backing musicians. Ware started out as a drummer but in 2006 found a beat up old guitar in an Atlanta flea market which she named Buzzy and it inspired her to become a singer-songwriter.

Grand Canyon “Yesterday’s News” (Independent, 2019)

Joan Jett succinctly stated that “I love Rock and Roll – So come on take some time and dance with me“. Of course Alan Merrill and Jake Hooker wrote those words for her, but you get the point. Joan Jett is not alone in this attitude as LA’s Grand Canyon would happily sign up to … Continue reading “Grand Canyon “Yesterday’s News” (Independent, 2019)”

Drew Danburry “Pallid Boy and Spindling Girl EP” (Independent, 2019)

“The children are called in from their play to drive and drudge beside their elders to and from their pitiful homes …. nearly any hour you can see them – pallid boy and spindling girl – their faces dulled, their backs bent under a heavy load of garments piled on head and shoulders, the muscles … Continue reading “Drew Danburry “Pallid Boy and Spindling Girl EP” (Independent, 2019)”

Louien “None Of My Words” (Jansen Records, 2019)

Live Miranda Solberg is one-quarter of Silver Lining, the Norwegian americana band reviewed on these pages last year and now gaining attention as a solo artist in her own right. Indeed, following on from a Soundcloud demo upload, Solberg found herself playing Norway’s two largest festivals and receiving all kinds of well-earned accolades. Very much … Continue reading “Louien “None Of My Words” (Jansen Records, 2019)”