Paul Simon doesn’t feel groovy

Famously cantankerous master songsmith Paul Simon takes great pleasure in distancing himself from the songs that made him famous in the first place.  The very songs which many people of judgement actually prefer.  But of all the songs of his youth it is 59th Bridge Street Song which attracted his ire during his recent appearance on The Late Show.  It’s “naive”, apparently, and “just doesn’t feel like 2017”.  Even when host Stephen Colbert reworked the lyrics to better suit the times we live in the not-Garfunkel half of Simon & Garfunkel remained unimpressed.

Well, Paul Simon, we can think for ourselves – so here it is, think for yourself.

On a more positive side though, Mr Simon is donating the profits from his tour to the E.O. Wilson’s Biodiversity Foundation.  Which is groovy.  Just don’t tell him we said so.

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