Pick of the Political Pops: Alice Cooper “Elected”

So the mid-term elections have taken place in The US and to all appearances it might look like something of a draw. Of course its probably more nuanced than that but we did wonder how many outside of the States actually know what is going on. Here’s our Americana-UK handy guide:

“Congress” is made up of two houses – “The House of Representatives” and “The Senate”. In order for a Bill to made law it has to pass through both houses so it could be said that both share similar levels of power. The House of Representatives is based on population and each state is divided into congressional districts – when an individual votes they are voting for their representative in government. The Senate is made up of two people from each state regardless of size. Their job is to represent the State in government rather than the individual. There are four hundred and thirty-five members in the former (who are elected every two years) and one hundred members in the latter (who are elected every six years). Bills involving money (budgets etc.) must originate in The House of Representatives whilst The Senate gives its approval (or otherwise) to appointments of judges, cabinet members etc. Essentially The House is all about the quickfire cut and thrust of politics whilst The Senate is all about longer and more in-depth reflection. Supposedly. Interestingly The House has the sole power to introduce Impeachment proceedings but the Senate has the sole power to conduct an Impeachment trial. So now you know…

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