Pick of the Political Pops: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy “In Good Faith”

This week we were reminded of a thing that happened. You know the thing… erm… god, what was it called? Y’know. There was lots of arguing and some flag waving and shouting. That thing. My god what was it called? That thing where lots of people got really pissy because wars had been fought and now those other guys were our friends and how did that happen? What the hell is the name of it…? There have been lots of things going on so the original title has slipped our minds. Anyway like we say it was a big thing back in the day and we even went and had a vote on it which everybody thought would go one way and then went the other. It’ll come to us in a minute. There were all sorts of positive things that were going to happen and anybody who said different was fear-mongering. It represented a sort of new dawn where we could be responsible for our own future and not kowtow to foreign masters. Hell, the name is on the tip of our tongue. Many people thought that in all likelihood we would rule the world again and everybody would respect us (like they did when we were plundering their resources and murdering them in their millions). We say “us” but many of “us” were simply the pen pushers, yard sweepers and gun pointers rather than the ruling elite at whose behest we did the dirty on everybody else. But never mind that. In this thing that we are trying to recall the name of there was a hegemonic display of fiction over fact that quite beggared belief. The name of it is…oh bugger. But look it was sold as a positive. After it things would be better. All sorts of promises were made and all sorts of fantasies paraded as solid, evidential truths. And now here we are and we were thinking about it this week. It was, we are told, all done in good faith. By a section of the elite who had a ‘dog in the fight’ of making us richer and more prosperous. Not all of us of course but some of us (or them as we generally know them).

And now here we are unable to sell our stuff to our friends, unable to go and see our friends, unable to work with our friends and unable to look our friends in the eye without blinking. But it was all, apparently, done in good faith (faith being defined as ‘belief without proof’ cf Douglas Adams).

Ah yes – that name which has been escaping us – Brexshit. We knew it would come to us in the end…

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