Pick of the Political Pops: Glen Campbell “Galveston”

These are strange and troubling times (when weren’t they?) and here at Americana-UK Towers we have a specially created bunker in what used to be the wine cellar. From here we protect ourselves from the harsh and cruel outside world with a cheery smile, a library of good tunes and a weekly dose of political discussion…oh and a goodly supply of the finest wines and spirits we can lay our hands on. These small but important things keep us happy in our own naïve way. At the last discussion we thought “Why don’t we annoy…er…I mean engage our readership with some of these tunes. I bet they’ll love it!” That’s what fine wines and spirits will do to your thinking. 

Here then is the first of our offerings on which you are invited to comment and discuss. You could also throw rotten fruit and vegetables if you wish but our bunker has been safety tested to Trump Tower standards and we are fairly confident in its resilience…

It’s often thought odd that Campbell would record this anti-Vietnam war song (penned by Jimmy Webb) particularly since he is oft quoted as having said: “The people burning draft cards should be hung. If you don’t have the guts to fight for your country, you’re not a man”. Perhaps that’s why he changed the lyric

“I’d go home if they would let me
Put down this gun
And go to Galveston”


“While I watch the cannons flashing
I clean my gun
And dream of Galveston”

Still, it’s a top tune and Campbell’s talent is sadly missed.

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Keith Hargreaves

Heartbreaking lyrics changed or not