Pick of the Political Pops: Paul Simon “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”

When we came round from the effects of one of our all too regular Bacchanalia some months ago we were surprised to find that we had decided to divorce our partner(s) in the European Union. The UK in our moniker Americana-UK is more of an advisory description of geographical location than a statement of nationalist intent so we could, potentially, have been Americana-EU. No matter – we are sure that people know what they are doing other wise they wouldn’t have put that stuff on the side of a bus in order to trigger our parting. As far as our limited view from The Bunker will allow this is what we assume is happening:

Us: Right, that’s it, I’m leaving
Them: OK. Bye
Us: What? Aren’t you going to negotiate?
Them: Negotiate what?
Us: Our leaving
Them: Nah…not really
Us: Oh Bollocks
Them: Shut the door on the way out would you?
Us: ………….
Them: What, are you still here?

We are convinced that there are several ways of doing many things. We are hugely impressed that Rhymin’ Simon found fifty ways of doing just one. Maybe he should be on our ‘negotiating’ team. After all he named this song after Article 50.

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