Pick of the Political Pops: Pedro Piedra “Inteligencia Dormida”

This week we were reminded of the anniversary of the 11th September. Yes – the US/CIA backed military coup in Chile in 1973. History buffs will recall that the democratically elected socialist leader Salvador Allende was overthrown in a military coup (facilitated at least in part by Nixon/Kissinger although they denied it) fronted by the dictator (and later friend of Thatcher) General Pinochet. Estimates say that some 40,000 people were incarcerated in The National Stadium of Chile whilst a further 130,000 political enemies were arrested in the following years many of whom were tortured and ‘disappeared’. Obviously the Cold War was pretty hot in South America. We don’t claim to be au fait with much Chilean music but this tune “Sleeping Intelligence” will do for our Jukebox in The Bunker this week:

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