Pick of the Political Pops: The Staples Singers “Respect Yourself”

Cor blimey, guv’nor. It’s all kicking off in The EU at the moment. All the faces that we have come to know and love in the higher echelons of that organisation are, having worked their fingers to the bone, now going to take time out to be with their families and consider their futures. Good luck to them.

If they find themselves at a loose end we always need fruit pickers down here at Americana-UK Towers in our substantial orchards and poly-tunnels. Bless them, their pensions can’t amount to much and we always welcome fresh blood to replace the workers who we have worn out on the estate. We are certain that they come with the blessings of those that elected them. And those that didn’t elect them…well…that’s all of us. Because The EU is structured in such a way that neo-liberalism can’t possibly be allowed to fail the hoi-poloi can’t possibly be trusted to actually have a say in who it is that represents their interests. So the head of the European Bank, the President of the Commission, the President of the Council and the Foreign Policy Chief are all ‘appointed’ internally. The President of the Parliament is ‘elected’ by the Parliament (so somewhere along the line someone who you possibly didn’t vote for personally might, just might, have a say in who they are).

Possibly what is needed here is some figurehead, some knight in shining armour, some latter-day Robin Hood to come forward, stand up, tell it like it is and sort the fuckers out. Maybe someone like Gigel Garage.

Nah, only kidding. The spectacle of he and his cronies, utterly disrespectfully turning their backs when “Ode To Joy” was played, was something so infantile that even the infants in our AUK Infants School were embarrassed. If one wants to take a principled and moral stand then one should simply not take part at all. We favour the line that The Breggshit Party should refuse to take their seats, eschew their salaries (which we pay) and donate any monies forthcoming from their situations to charity.

Not holding our breath…#havesomerespect

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