Pick of the Political Pops: Tim McGraw “My Best Friend”

As we pointed out last week (our regular reader will remember) The Editor – ever a man to reflect the zeitgeist – has determined that now is the time for the Americana-UK decennial election. For the uninitiated we are a democratic organisation and hold regular elections for those in high office. By ‘decennial’ and ‘regular’ we mean every ten years of course (no sense wasting time and money when the electorate are perfectly happy with the incumbents). There is only one position up for grabs and only one candidate for that position. No matter – we are determined to follow procedure and whilst the rest of the country do their democratic bit we are adamant that we will do ours.

Excitingly the position of “Editor” is on the ballot paper (we print those on fully recycled paper) and only one name is in the frame (Marcus ‘Lovelyboy’ Field-Whyte). It’s all (mostly) good because his adoring constituents will be over the moon to vote the bloke back in given the sterling work that he has done over the years. Now, of course, he has had his detractors – John Woodencock and Ian Preeningorstin and Little Tommy Wotnot to name but three – but these splitters have now split and we are free to proceed. And proceed we shall – included in his manifesto pledges are “more biscuits in the biscuit tin”, “more aid in the first aid kit” and “more music on the music website”. He gets my vote for sure.

And whilst the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky and probably CNN (bollocks to Fox) will do their very best to smear him we are absolutely certain that he will win and win big. You will, of course, be aware that he has been the equivalent of knighted by the great and the good of what passes for Americana music representation in the UK (and if not check your news feeds). This is an entirely good thing and, frankly, we will truck no opposition. So hats off to democracy and hats off to our man in the running. Results are due around about the twelfth…

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