Pick of the Political Pops: Warren Zevon “Lawyers, Guns and Money”

This weeks televisual highlight at Americana-UK Towers came as tuned in to watch the American presidential debate. We say debate but it was more like a primary school spat between spoiled brats except worse. No one came out of it covered in glory particularly (although we are loathe to take sides) the incumbent and the moderator. This is the most powerful country in the world we are talking about and one expects them to be able to at least have a sensible discussion, lay out some policy detail and debate the pros and cons of each’s position. Perhaps we expect too much. It is also worth pointing out that this web magazine is not American but rather exists due to a love of that country and more particularly its music. We just thought that they could do better.

In this important time what with the election looming we came across this analysis by The Atlantic magazine. We are somewhat abdicating our responsibility this week by pointing you to a further reading source rather than spelling it out ourselves but this is really REALLY important, interesting and engrossing stuff: The election that could break America


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