Red Rooster Festival announce female-led acoustic stage line-up

As it heads towards its 6th year in May of this year, the Red Rooster festival has announced a new collaboration with the Americana Music Association UK and New York singer-songwriter Sunny Ozell, who will be curating, as well as headlining, a female-led acoustic AMA UK stage on Friday the 31st of May.

This news comes with a pledge to support Keychange, a pioneering international initiative which aims to transform the future of music whilst encouraging festivals and music organisations to achieve a 50:50 gender balance by 2022. The acoustic stage will feature both better established, as well as emerging, Americana artists, including Carson McHone, Birds of Chicago, Lucy Kitt, Fiona Bevan, Martha Healy, Lisa Redford, Misty River, the Jambalaya Band, William the Conqueror and Sunny Ozell herself.  Sunny Ozell will be featuring songs from her upcoming record, ‘Overnight Lows’, described as a predominantly soul-based album, but also including elements of rock and roots.

Of her participation in the event Sunny Ozell said: “I am extremely proud to be a part of the Americana Music Association UK / Keychange-inspired stage at the Red Rooster festival. Right in step with the changes we’re seeing in all walks of life (from business to the film industry to government), Keychange aims to reach a 50/50 balance of gender representation in the music industry, particularly at festivals.  I’ve been a musician, and a woman, all my life.  I could talk about what that has been like, but wouldn’t it be better to hear me express myself through my music and my craft?  Representation matters – when diverse voices are given a platform to be heard, the full richness of the human experience just might be within our grasp.  Come to the AMAUK PRS Keychange-inspired stage and take in the power of women’s voices.”

The Red Rooster festival takes place over the weekend of 30th May to 1st of June.

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