Ron Sexsmith “Diamond Wave” – it’s upturn all the way

Diamond Wave, the second single from Ron Sexsmith’s eagerly awaited new album ‘The Vivian Line’ which will be released on 17th February 2023.  It’s a new album, but this is by no means a new song as Ron explains“I wrote ‘Diamond Wave’ back in ’88 on my birthday, January 8th. It’s the only song on the record that’s not a brand new song. I’d sort of forgotten about it. At the time when I wrote it I’d almost lost my job as a courier. I had to go downtown on my birthday and speak to my bosses and convince them to give me another chance, which they did; maybe it had something to do with it being my birthday. I remember coming home and feeling pretty happy that I hadn’t lost my job. I just started writing this song on the streetcar… on the subway back to my house. When I was putting these songs together for this album I just started playing it again…. hadn’t thought of it in years. It seemed to fit in with this new batch and I was very happy to find a home for it.”

And certainly it is imbued with a spirit of positivity, which is given a crystalized form on the accompanying visualiser video.    And don’t worry – the use of a video here has been approved by our esteemed video editor, so the Tracks office isn’t in any danger of suffering “a little accident.”  At least, not as long as the inter-departmental memo hasn’t gone astray.

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