Simon & Garfunkel to release unheard recordings

It’s all connected to the exciting celebrations around the 50th anniversary of the release of the dynamic duo’s best selling – and last – studio album ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water‘.   A couple of days in advance of that anniversary (which was yesterday) Sony released an EP with four previously unheard live recordings from Carnegie Hall in New York in November 1969, two months before the original release of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water‘.   This Live At Carnegie Hall 1969 EP will be available digitally. Recorded over two sold-out nights at the close of what would become Simon & Garfunkel’s last North American tour for more than a decade, the EP features previously unreleased versions of the songs ‘The Boxer’ with its original, additional verse; and versions of album tracks ‘So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright‘ and ‘Song For The Asking’ as well as the album’s title track. 

Clearly there’s more – there’s that picture up top of the famous album with a golden vinyl LP rolling out of the sleeve, what could that mean ?  Well – and vinyl junkies may be ahead of us here – it means that there will be a 50th anniversary printing on gold vinyl of the ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water‘.  And if that’s making you feel groovy, then you’d probably like us to get on with this dangling conversation and tell the world when the wait will be overs and the album will be available.   February 14th. A little time still to wait, so to help kill that time here’s this.  Which we’re well aware is not on the album – but dig those crazy sweaters.  Man.

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