Songs for the apocalypse: Josh Rouse “Streetlights”

Back in 2005, Josh Rouse released an album called ‘Nashville’ which along with its predecessor ‘1972’ (great year) many consider to be the greatest musical achievements of his life – laidback almost dreamlike in its production, it was one of those albums for me that I could just listen to on rotation over and over again (and I did, much to the irritation of my then partner).  While it’s difficult to highlight a single track, ‘Streetlights’ still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up – just listen to that production. According to the YouTube comments underneath it, this is at least one person’s “most favorite song on the planet”.

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Mark Whitfield has been Editor of Americana UK for the last 20 years while also working in public health as his day job, which has been kind of busy recently.


  1. Thank you Mark. I have never come across this artist before but my life that is lovely stuff! It’s such a pleasure to come across new music of that quality. I’ll definitely be listening to more of that.

  2. No worries Paul, I find his more recent stuff more patchy tbh but anything from around the Nashville era was just outstanding.

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