Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 108

All offers considered - panto dames or villains a specialty

Heading to Scotland to avoid the rain…

Having bailed on France, as described last week, your correspondent is in the throws of preparing to drive to Edinburgh to the Fringe. The beautiful Mrs H is singing as part of a Gospel choir in 3 shows, one of which is on the Mound. They have been provided with t-shirts to perform in, so she may be borrowing one of my string vests to stay warm, as I seek shelter in a darkened alehouse with a pint of heavy for company. Accommodation is somewhat pricey at this time of year but luckily an ageing Aunt has a driveway that a van can be parked on so we have city-centre lodgings for nothing – a win that may even allow for the weather being shit.

If you’re in Edinburgh look out for the Wellingborough Community Gospel choir – they are really very good. Whilst there we’ll be heading to a few shows ourselves including Stewart Lee, Adam Kay and a couple of others.

In other news my Spotlight page is now up and running (see photo!) and when we get back from oop North I will start to seriously look for some traction at getting back into professional acting following leaving teaching. It’s been a while but you never know (and any casting directors reading this and looking for strong male character actors you know where I am) and in the meantime I shall still be broadcasting every week. This week’s offering includes everything from The Alabama Shakes to Flypaper, Frazey Ford to Cory Hanson and the worst cover of all time (maybe) as well as the usual mistakes and technical mishaps. Take what you want or need.

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