Sounds from beyond the Shed – week 22

the years just roll by .......

Another birthday, a different world.

A brief one this week, dear reader, as prepare to surrender to the bacchanal that is celebrating your birthday in these times. I used to be a big birthday celebrant as I saw it as a grand excuse to have lots of people round and get gloriously high on their company and lashings of beer. However today will be a different beast – as all the messages roll in on social media I shall content myself with looking forward to a meal out with family whilst still enjoying the lashings of beer but this time accompanied by a good book, the test match on the radio and at least an hour in the shed listening to to some very old friends talking to me via the medium of vinyl. Thanks to the lovely presents from the Robinsons of Clissold park (see picture above) it’s going to be a grand day!

And speaking of old friends, here’s three choice cuts to dive into. First up Conor Oberst with the wistful gem ‘Barbary Coast’, then the much-missed Jimmy La Fave with his extraordinary Leon Russell cover and finally Mike Farris with a real party number. As always take what you want or need.



Rabble rousing 


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