Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 54

Embracing the new normal

God I’ve missed this….

defines live pic KH

So it happened this week. My last indoor gig was on the 19th March 2020 The Felice Brothers in Cambridge. It was small, intimate and alternately heartbreaking and raucously joyous. Everything live music should be in my opinion. Over the ensuing years I have been to festivals but as yet not to an indoor venue but all that changed this week as I ventured North on a school night!

What a gig to come back with – The Delines supported by Jerry Joseph in a lovely seated venue ( The Metronome, Nottingham courtesy of Cosmic Americana) where the sound was pin sharp, the merch stand interesting and the beer prices extraordinary (£9 for two bottles of beer!!!). It was wonderful, not just because I was watching consummate artists performing sublime material in the company of strangers but also it reminded me of how lucky I was to being doing such a thing. To have my life enhanced by such art, an art that moved me, made me laugh, made me even cry.

Thank you Willie, Jerry et al. A brilliant brilliant evening that even featured keyboardist Corey Harris playing a trumpet and his keys at the same time, several times. Now that is a skill. Both good with his hands and his breath!

This week has been soundtracked by the above mentioned artists but also by some other acts a couple of whom I am reviewing for the site. Icarus Pheonix have moved me with their whip smart indie vibe and Wilco have got some new stuff coming down the track and finally a dive into deep water with this scorching Neil Young cover by the aforementioned Jerry Joseph  with Widespread Panic. 

As ever take what you want or need.


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