Afton Wolfe “Petronius’ Last Meal” (Twangri-La Records, 2020)

You won’t find the feel-good hit of the summer on Afton Wolfe’s debut EP. But it’s a pretty safe bet that feel-good hits weren’t high on the list of priorities that he had for this project. With songs that meditate on death, decay, and departure—these tracks will be a great soundtrack for watching leaves turn and fall, shorter days, and darker nights. That’s not to say that the songs on the album are depressing or bleak. Wolfe examines each theme with a sober subjectivity that never loses touch with the understanding that endings are the precursors to beginnings in the cycle of life or the long-view of history. Continue reading “Afton Wolfe “Petronius’ Last Meal” (Twangri-La Records, 2020)”

Video: Afton Wolfe “Interrogations”

The new video from Afton Wolfe is beautifully animated, serving as a perfect accompaniment to his intriguing lyrics.  Wolfe describes his approach to lyrics, which tend to be obscure but based on real, personal experiences, as: “…associative and abstract…I don’t necessarily like to know exactly what a songwriter is talking about. I like to think about what a song means to me. I want people to think about what my songs mean to them.”  This song tells the story of a bed from three perspectives: a man waking up, a woman dying and an insomniac.  The excellent songcraft is matched by Wolfe’s characterful voice, which brings Tom Waits to mind.  check out the new EP, ‘Pertronius’ Last Meal’.  Good stuff.