Anthony D’Amato “Five Songs From New Orleans” EP (Elk, 2019)

A true ‘does what it says on the tin’ record, this EP comes steeped in the sounds and spirit of The Big Easy. New Jersey native Anthony D’Amato is one of those artists that always seem to tour, often as support to more established Americana acts when they visit our shores. Indeed, after three months of constant touring in Europe, he took an opportunity to house sit for a month in a 19th Century New Orleans Garden District home, taking  a mini studio and writing the bones of tracks on his guitar. Continue reading “Anthony D’Amato “Five Songs From New Orleans” EP (Elk, 2019)”

American Aquarium + Anthony D’Amato, The Louisiana, Bristol, 30th October 2018

Last time Anthony D’Amato toured he was supporting Ziggy Marley as a last minute addition. Winning over a crowd cheering “Ziggy, Ziggy” and expecting the dreadlocked man to walk on stage was not easy. Tonight, however, it’s a whole different ballgame. D’Amato was on the bill this time to open for American Aquarium, so the small Bristol crowd that has shown up early and gathered in the stuffy upstairs room of the Louisiana is here to listen to him. Straight from the first note, D’Amato gets the audience on his side. It’s with full energy and enthusiasm – contrasting with his pessimistic lyrics – that he performs his songs, accompanied by dynamic guitar strums and frenetic harmonica solos. Continue reading “American Aquarium + Anthony D’Amato, The Louisiana, Bristol, 30th October 2018”

Glasgow Americana Festival, 3rd -7th October 2018

Now in its 12th year the Glasgow Americana Festival is essentially a very concentrated dose of life affirming music delivered courtesy of local promoters, The Fallen Angels Club, who otherwise offer us locals regular spoonfuls of sugar throughout the year. Over five days and in various venues throughout the city around 25 acts converged, varying in style for sure but all rooting for roots music, that indefinable Americana we all talk about and which they all, in one way or other, delivered to their audiences. Continue reading “Glasgow Americana Festival, 3rd -7th October 2018”

Van Life: Anthony D’Amato

© Meredith Truax

New Jersey’s Anthony D’Amato is no stranger to the road, his insatiable desire to take his music all around the world inevitable means mile after mile on the byways and highways. Travelling alone brings its own problems, yet inevitably leaves him a lot of time to both reflect on life, take pictures and, of course, listen to some of his favourite tunes.  In the UK for a number of shows alongside Deacon Blue’s Ricky Ross and The Felice Brothers’ Ian Felice promoting his current album ‘Cold Snap,’ Americana-UK catches up with the old (young!) road dog to make sure all is fine and dandy.  Continue reading “Van Life: Anthony D’Amato”