Video Premiere: Arborist “By Rote”

Watching the dancers perform in this video is strangely beautiful and calming.  The same can be said of the music.  The young dancers,
Isabella Dunbar, Lucy Dunbar and Ciarán Mac Giolla Cheara, reflect the song’s key theme of repetition.  As would be expected from Arborist, ‘By Rote’ is melodious, sweeping and cinematic with layers and layers of delicately combined and expertly played instrumentation.  Continue reading “Video Premiere: Arborist “By Rote””

Arborist “A Northern View” (Rollercoaster Records, 2020)

Arborist started as a solo project for singer Mark McCambridge but evolved into a five piece band for the recording of their first album ‘Home Burial’. The addition of guitars and piano enriched their sound. Now, on ‘A Northern View’ the line-up has been completed by the addition of a violinist. What results is a sweeping sound, complex with melody, all held together by McCambridge’s poetical approach to songs. It’s also a political statement about the position of Northern Ireland, in an increasingly not United Kingdom (the northern view in question). Continue reading “Arborist “A Northern View” (Rollercoaster Records, 2020)”

Video: Arborist “Here Comes the Devil”

Taken from the album ‘A Northern View’, this is the new single from Arborist.  It’s a well-directed, moody affair, beautifully sung and with a lovely rhythm.  This collection of songs tells of life from the Northern Irish viewpoint of song writer, Mark McCambridge, both personal and political.  ‘Here Comes the Devil’ is about the monster lurking within is all.  Unsettling.  In a good way.