Avi Kaplan “I’ll Get By” (Fantasy Records, 2020)

Avi Kaplan was part of the hugely successful Grammy winning a cappella band Pentatonix before leaving in 2017 to pursue a solo career rooted more in the folk music he describes as his heart and soul.  Three years on and ‘I’ll Get By’ has Kaplan broadening his range just a tad, introducing a touch of soul to a debut EP that remains true to his a cappella grounding. Continue reading “Avi Kaplan “I’ll Get By” (Fantasy Records, 2020)”

Video: Avi Kaplan “I’ll Get By”

Beautifully-shot video and simply lovely music.  That pretty much sums up ‘I’ll Get By’ from Avi Kaplan, the title track from his newly-released EP.  There’s a neat symbolic concept in the video, which sees Kaplan collecting and carrying stones, representing everyday burdens.  Kaplan says: “‘I’ll Get By’ is very, very true to where I was at. I had just left a very successful career, and in general I had a lot of hurt and a lot of healing to do, so that’s where a lot of it came from.” The popular Nashville-based singer has amassed almost 690,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, which is some achievement.  Enjoy.

Avi Kaplan “It Knows Me” – Listen

On ‘It Knows Me‘ Avi Kaplan brings a dark and deep baritone to the wilderness folk dominated by drums and echoes – it has a high mountains at night fall feel to it.  Wide-open spaces, no-one else around and an encroaching darkness which can either be feared or embraced – Avi Kaplan goes for the embraced option. Continue reading “Avi Kaplan “It Knows Me” – Listen”