Pick of the Political Pops: Bob Seger “I Ain’t Got No Money”

What is a ‘thing’ worth? Any ‘thing’? Say a loaf of bread. A loaf of bread in one local shop is, say, one pound. The same brand loaf of bread in the other local shop is ninety pence. Which one do you buy? Suppose in a third shop (there are lots of local shops round here) that a different brand of bread is fifty pence. What do you do? Go for ‘value’ of go for brand loyalty? Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Bob Seger “I Ain’t Got No Money””

Bob Seger announces new album, due November

News from Billboard today and boy does he look happy: “Bob Seger will be releasing a new album during November, with a first single out later this month. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer announced both on Saturday night (Sept. 9) during a hometown concert at the DTE Energy Music Theatre in suburban Detroit. Early in the show Seger told the crowd that a single was to have been released on Friday but was delayed, then offered the first formal acknowledgement that the album would be coming for the fourth quarter. Seger later promised the single would be out before his next Detroit-area show, closing down the Palace of Auburn Hills on Sept. 23, and that he would perform it that night.  Continue reading “Bob Seger announces new album, due November”